Net Promoter Score analytics for Banks

Build Customer Loyalty using the power of Analytics

Customer loyalty doesn't get built in one day. By analyzing customer feedback as it comes, and acting upon it quickly, Aureus helps Banks improve their Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and overall customer happiness.

Is Your Customer Feedback Getting Lost?

Banks work across multiple lines of products which reach out to customers across demographics. Getting feedback is one of the most important part of continuous improvement cycles for banks. However most banks are not able to leverage this customer feedback - NPS, or CSAT- due to lack of proper tools and complicated processes.

Leverage Customer Feedback Using Analytics

Customer experience has a direct impact on a banks top line and bottom line numbers. Happy customers spend more and are the banks greates ambassadors. Using deep text analytics and natural language processing, it is possible to identify key areas of strength as well as key areas of improvement to improve the overall customer experience.

Analyse Customer Feedback using PULSE

Whether your bank uses the Customer Satisfaction Score framework or the Net Promoter Score system, PULSE can analyse thousands of free form customer comments in minutes. Insights are delivered in plain English by leveraging a combination of deep text analytics and natural language processing techniques. PULSE cuts down the time to analyse by nearly 80 without interrupting the existing processes of survey administration and close looping.


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