Actionable Net Promoter Score Analytics

PULSE has helped Aegon Life tackle their negative NPS problem.
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Customer feedback cannot be a onetime activity. It has to be solicited across the customer’s lifetime journey with the brand to get a true understanding of her true disposition.Traditional NPS measurement methods provide only a score and not much else. PULSE allows businesses to map their entire customer journey from onboarding to exit. This not only allows the user to track NPS at an organizational level, but also keep a check on the progress and improvement of individual processes.

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  • Built for business

    PULSE gives business users insights in a form that are easy to consume, and in plain English. Using advanced text analytics, and natural language processing, PULSE helps the user focus on actionability and not managing data. Highly intuitive visual reports, word clouds, 3rd Party Integration options and complex insights presented in an easy to understand manner, make PULSE the ultimate tool for Net Promoter Score Analytics.

  • aDATAption

    PULSE knows that all customer data is important. This could be the survey data or customer interaction data or even data from social channels or external sources and government sources. PULSE is powered to work with all forms, formats and structures of data so the insights delivered are reflective of the customer pulse, each time, everytime. So you don’t adapt to the system; the system adapts to your data.

  • Enterprise Grade Security with Microsoft Azure

    PULSE is hosted on a secure Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This makes it quick and easy to provision, deliver regular product updates and ensure data security and privacy. Entire enterprises can begin using PULSE in under 30 minutes.

Features of PULSE

Net Promoter Score Analytics, Made Actionable.

  • Actionable Insights available at The Point of Decision

    Actionable insights in simple English when required, where required and whichever format required.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure

    Geography specific state of the art data security and privacy with Azure.

  • Industry Specific packs

    Because one size does not fit all.

  • Easy Subscription Plans

    Start anytime. Cancel anytime.

  • Designed for the Business

    Focus on Decision Making. Not on data management.

  • Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

    Adapts to your business processes and data structure.

  • Zero Implementation Time

    Sign up. Sign In. Get decisioning.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    Easy 3rd Party Integration with tools like Survey Monkey, Dynamics CRM, CRM NXT etc.


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