Our Culture is flexible, accommodative and
keeps up with the times.

We have a team of top notch coders, testers, data scientists and support functions. Excellence in your job means that others can do their job well and without glitch. When everyone excels at their jobs, we grow faster together. We aim to bring Excellence to our Products, Work Environment, Employee Benefits and Partnerships.
As a product company, innovation is what keeps us ahead of our competition. We encourage everyone at Aureus to break the norm and test boundaries.
We are a small passionate team. And sit within shouting distance from each other.Consequently we also know what most of the team mates are working on. We wouldn’t have it any other way either. Fortnightly functions (core team) meetings and monthly all hands on management updates ensure that every one know what’s up –the good, the bad and the ugly.
We strongly believe you should do what you love and since at Aureus each one of us is doing exactly what we love, we have a lot of fun doing it. In fact so much fun that we had to invent a unique word for it.
Our most valued trait, we practice and preach respect for all. We strongly believe that Respect is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Respect for customers, timelines, personal spaces and each other.

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