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Customer 360: WHOLE IS GREATER

Customer 360 is a completely customizable predictive analytics platform that enables your organization to deliver a superior customer experience, using ALL their existing data and enterprise systems. C360 develops dynamic intelligence modules for each Customer and their Household that help in increasing customer retention, improve cross sell and help with claims analytics and fraud detection and prevention.

Aureus Customer Analytics

A superior customer experience starts when you know everything there is to know about your customers at all times. C360 brings all the customer data - interactions, transactions, relationships etc, in one place, in real time. C360 is not a CRM tool but works along side your CRM to help build the perfect customer DNA - one that is comprehensive, dynamic and supports actionability for the organizations.

Customer Analytics Aureus

Customer Single View

Everything about a customer in one place.

One Customer. One Identity

A single identify for customers across all product lines

Customizable KPIs

Measure and track what's relevant to your business and customer

Household Analytics

Get a better view of how your customers are organized

Wide Array of Enterprise Systems Integration

Don't lose a single customer data point.

Hosted on Secure Microsoft Cloud

Geography specific state of the art data security and privacy with Azure.

C360 is a dynamic platform that supports the following use cases:


Aureus- Customer360 Analyitcs

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Customer Records Processed

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