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The Aureus Early Adopter Program (EAP) is offered by our Product Engineering group to organizations who are interested in having early access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology focused on improving the customer experience.

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The adoption of AI solutions will gain momentum in 2019 with many insurers moving from internal pilots to operationalize AI solutions in customer service, underwriting, and claims.

Organizations who are not taking advantage of the innovation that AI solutions can provide will be under increased competitive pressure. The gap between early adopters and laggards of AI technology is widening as early adopters are starting to influence and redefine their respective market segments.

The Aureus Early Adopter Program provides members with early access to new AI technology with opportunities for:

  • Having a head start to evaluate new technology before it is publicly announced
  • Becoming first to market. Solve your customer's problems before your competitors do.
  • Influencing product development
  • Contribute to improving the customer experience

As Aureus develops new AI technology and solutions, EAP members will be the first to be notified by the Aureus Product Engineering team. As new technology is released, EAP members can decide what technology may be worth evaluating on an on-going basis.

Program Components

Aureus EAP Members will be provided with:

  • Early Access to Technology - Aureus EAP members will have access to innovation and product features in its nascent stage
  • Proofs-of-Concept - Aureus will support a limited number of POC's for EAP members for general product releases
  • Early Insights into Technology - The Aureus Product Engineering and Data Science teams will host educational web seminars on emerging AI technologies of importance to the insurance industry
  • Early Adopter Pricing - EAP members will be eligible for discounts on Aureus software products - first mover advantage
  • Aureus EAP Newsletter - Be ahead of the curve with a monthly newsletter focused on emerging AI trends happening in the insurance industry and key events
  • Aureus Support - New technology comes with many questions. Aureus will provide the support necessary to resolve your questions
  • Security of EAP Data - Your data will always have the necessary security measures in place 

Aureus EAP Members will also have the opportunity to be involved with Insurtech thought leadership programs focused on improving customer experience with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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