Aureus Analytics Announces Significant Enhancements to CRUX


Las Vegas, NV, September 24, 2019 - Aureus Analytics today announced significant enhancements and new functionality to their Artificial Intelligence platform CRUX at the ITC 2019 conference being held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

CRUX is an AI-based platform that was designed specifically for the insurance industry to help insurers improve the customer experience of their policyholders. The SaaS-based AI platform was developed using machine learning, natural language processing and natural language generation to track customer sentiment during the customer journey and predict future outcomes.

“The enhancements to CRUX were implemented based on the combination of feedback from our customers over the past four years and the advancement in AI technologies developed by our engineering team,” said Dr. Nilesh Karnik, Chief Data Scientist of Aureus Analytics.

The following enhancement of CRUX were announced at ITC:

Customer One View (COV) – an updated user interface and the availability of API connectivity of Customer One View (COV) to customer enterprise applications. The CRUX COV provides a 360-degree view of the customer journey based on the combination of unstructured and structured customer interaction data from external and internal data sources

SentiMeter v2.0 – the second major release of SentiMeter™ includes new and improved logic with an in-depth event analysis capability. SentiMeter™ is a standardized metric using a scale of 0 to 100 to measure the customer experience of all policyholders using both implicit and explicit customer interaction data. Both unstructured and structured customer interaction data from internal systems, social media, distribution partners, and third-party data providers is used to calculate a SentiMeterä score for every policyholder.

Analytics Hub – significant enhancements to Analytics Hub with visualization and business analytics for improved understanding of data, insights, and the ability to derive counter-intuitive results.

In addition to the enhancements to the CRUX platform, the following new capabilities of were announced:

Voice Analytics – the addition of voice analytics capabilities to CRUX to enhance SentiMeter™ scores and predictive models. Insurers can now use voice files from customer voicemails, service center calls, in addition to the text analytics capabilities of CRUX.

CRUX Lite – the announcement of an API version of CRUX that provides back-end connectivity for both SentiMeter™ and predictive models. Insurers can now leverage CRUX functionality within their own UI or enterprise applications.

Earlier this year, Aureus finalized a Series A round of funding. “The funding we received in January of 2019 has helped improve our AI capabilities as we continue to expand our customer base that includes the top three global life insurers,” said Anurag Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Aureus Analytics.

Aureus is a bronze sponsor at InsureTech Connect 2019 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The company will be providing demonstrations of the new functionality and enhancements of CRUX along with interactive demos including text and voice analytics in booth #1107 at the event.

About Aureus Analytics

Founded in 2013 with operations in the United States and India, Aureus is the customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurers to deliver superior customer experience leading to higher customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. The CRUX AI platform has processed more than 50 million insurance policy data points from customers in North America and India. CRUX at the ITC 2019 conference learns from a variety of structured and unstructured data sets to measure the customer experience in real-time to determine a SentiMeter™ score for all customers. To learn more, visit