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Aegon Life

Aureus Analytics implemented PULSE to help Aegon Life improve their overall NPS process.

Improving Contactability by Using Household Analytics

Learn how CRUX was implemented to create a unique customer identity for each policyholder within a household to improve contactability.

Claims Fraud

Learn how Aureus implemented predictive analytics to help predict the probability of a claim being fraudulent.

Improvement in Persistency Score for Large Insurer

Learn how CRUX improved the persistence score for a mid-sized life insurer by 2 - 3%. 

Net Promoter Score Improvement Across Customer Journey

The key challenge for Tata AIA Life was to bring together all customer feedback and reduce the time required to analyze NPS feedback.

Life Claims Fraud and Cross-Sell

This client had been suffering from claims fraud which has impacted their revenues. Additionally, they wanted to make cross-selling more accurate and effective.

Improve Lapse Revival Rate

Aureus helped this insurer make accurate predictions to target the potential lapsed policy base.

Revival Model for Mid-sized Insurer

This client was trying to reinstate customers whose policy renewals had lapsed.

Optimizing Cross-Sell Efficiency for a Large Life Insurer

This Life insurer was have difficulty identifying the right product for the right customer.

Making Cross-Sell Effective for a Leading Insurance Broker

Aureus helped this major insurer develop a better cross-sell model.


Persistency Improvement for Large Life Insurance Company

Aureus helped this insurance carrier improve their persistency score.

Non-Standard Auto MGA

Aureus implemented predictive models to identify customers who were at risk of non-renewal.

Early Claims Prediction

This client needed help identifying policies that may lead to an early claim.

Claims and Fraud Analytics Using CRUX

Learn how CRUX can predict fraudulent claims.

Retention Analytics Using CRUX

Policyholder or customer retention is a direct reflection of loyalty and customer experience.

Policyholder Retention for Personal Lines Auto

AI technologies can quickly identify policies that need to be reviewed to identify customers who are at risk for non-renewal.

Using Household Analytics to Understand Portfolio Dynamics

See how household analytics can help you understand the portfolio dynamics at the household level.



Account Rounding for Service Center Agents

Sentiment and predictive analytics can help in determining cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Improving Customer Experience Using Household Analytics

Join Jackie Vergne and Frank Sentner of Sentwood Consulting for a discussion on how Household Analytics can be leveraged by insurers to optimize retention and cross-sell.

How Sentiment Analytics Can Improve CX: An Agent's Perspective

Join Jackie Vergne and Kurt Thoennessen from Ericson Insurance Advisors to learn how Sentiment Analytics can help your organization pro-actively identify issues so they can be resolved to improve the customer experience of your policyholders.

Data Integration with CRUX

Learn how data stream-based integration can easily bring all of your different datasets together.

Four Stages of Predictive Modeling and How Business Aspects Influence Them

Learn about some of the business factors that influence
the main stages of model development.

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