Embracing Data to Grow Your Agency

A Four-Part Webinar Series for Independent Agencies and Brokers

Part 2 - Customer Segmentation

In part two of this four-part webinar series, we will discuss how enriching your existing customer data with customer segmentation data will enable your agency to:

  • Identify more premium uplift opportunities

  • Enhance customer experience by understanding and targeting key areas for individual policyholders

  • Be more productive by identifying cross-sell, upsell, and policy review actions in less time

Requiring only basic customer information from your AMS, DONNA returns demographic data enrichments across categories such as:

  • Home Values
  • Wealth
  • Education Level
  • Assets

About the Webinar Series

In this four-part webinar series, we discuss how the data that exists in your AMS, CRM, and other internal systems can be enriched with external data for better customer insights to enhance customer experience and help you sell more policies.

Including tangible examples and in-depth descriptions of the types of external data you can leverage and how DONNA transforms that data into actionable, personalized customer experience, and sales recommendations.

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