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Extend Your HawkSoft CMS with DONNA

The Partnership

DONNA and HawkSoft have partnered to ensure frictionless and high impact results for your agency. Thanks to our partnership with HawkSoft, we are able to provide you with constantly generated insights and custom analytics, all without the need to input information anywhere outside of your HawkSoft CMS.

“DONNA is available to you on the HawkSoft Marketplace. Mutual customers of HawkSoft’s agency management system and DONNA can integrate the platforms today. The integration allows agencies to seamlessly sync their HawkSoft database with DONNA’s powerful suite of tools that focus on improving customer experience, customer loyalty, and have shown 1% to 3% increases in customer retention.”

“Leveraging the power of AI can be a game-changer for agency owners who want to meaningfully understand the true quality of their book of business,” says Rushang Shah, VP of Marketing for HawkSoft, Inc. “Two similar-sized books can vary dramatically when you look deeper at things like client sentiment and happiness. DONNA offers a way to analyze this.”

HawkSoft and DONNA Customers

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Exclusive Offer for HawkSoft Customers!

DONNA Solo is a no-cost, exclusive offering for HawkSoft CMS customers with one owner to experience the power of DONNA insights and analytics.
DONNA Solo gives you select access to each of DONNA’s core features to help your agency:

  • Improve Customer Experience by understanding customer sentiment in real-time
  • Increase Account Rounding & Cross-sell Opportunities using AI-powered predictive activities to grow your book of business
  • Leverage high-powered agency analytics to optimize operations

DONNA is designed specifically for independent agencies with an easy-to-learn user interface. Your agency can be up and running in 24 hours, and you’ll have access to a host of resources to help you progress further in becoming an agency of the future!

Select a package below to get started today!


Ideal for individual agents and small agencies with 1 user.

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Ideal for small agencies with up to 10 users.

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Ideal for small and mid-size agencies with up to 20 users.

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Ideal for mid-size and large agencies with unlimited users.

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Hawksoft Co-Branded Pricing Table V2

1* - User type limited to CEO/Principal Role

** - Customer One View can be opened up to 15 times per month

*** - Additional cost for Premium

Customer One View

One exciting feature of DONNA is the Customer One View (COV). The COV gives you a single analytic view of journey, policy data, interactions, customer sentiment, and predictive actions you can take for each of your customers. DONNA Solo gives you full access to the aspects of the COV, but you are limited to opening the COV for your customers 15 times per month. For unlimited COV access and full access to DONNAs resources, you will have to upgrade your subscription.