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Extend Your HawkSoft CMS with DONNA

The Partnership

DONNA and HawkSoft have partnered to ensure frictionless and high impact results for your agency. Thanks to our partnership with HawkSoft, we are able to provide you with constantly generated insights and custom analytics, all without the need to input information anywhere outside of your HawkSoft CMS.

“DONNA is available to you on the HawkSoft Marketplace. Mutual customers of HawkSoft’s agency management system and DONNA can integrate the platforms today. The integration allows agencies to seamlessly sync their HawkSoft database with DONNA’s powerful suite of tools that focus on improving customer experience, customer loyalty, and have shown 1% to 3% increases in customer retention.”

“Leveraging the power of AI can be a game-changer for agency owners who want to meaningfully understand the true quality of their book of business,” says Rushang Shah, VP of Marketing for HawkSoft, Inc. “Two similar-sized books can vary dramatically when you look deeper at things like client sentiment and happiness. DONNA offers a way to analyze this.”

HawkSoft and DONNA Customers

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Looking for more functionality from DONNA?

There are a number of DONNA Packages to select from depending on the size and needs of your agency. Click below to determine the Package for your agency:


Once you've decided on a package:

1 - Fill out the form including your agency management system.
2 - Once completed, our team will reach out within 24 hours to confirm the next steps.
3 - When your account is ready, you will receive an email to set up your username and password to access DONNA.

That's it!

Timelines for the full implementation of DONNA will be determined by the type of AMS you're using. Once your live, a member of DONNA's Customer Success department will reach out to fully train you and your team.

Thanks for partnering with us and get ready to take your agency to the next level leveraging the power of your data and DONNA!