DONNA Product Updates

2022 Spring Release

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1-Click Recommendations

New Personalized Home Screen

New Home Screen June 2022DONNA Users now have the option for a more personalized experience on the New Home Screen. Users can now set either Retain, Round Out or Renew buckets as their home screen enabling them to see the customers pertaining to each bucket whenever they login to DONNA.

New Customer QuickView

AgencyZoom Integration

June 2022 AgencyZoom Integration - OneView

June 2022 AgencyZoom Integration - QuickView

With this seamless and easy-to-use integration of AgencyZoom, DONNA Users can now create AgencyZoom Leads directly from DONNA Recommendations.

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Easy to Use Data Tables

June 2022 Easy to Use Data Tables

The New Data tables on the DONNA Application are futuristic and flexible to use. The search, customization of columns, and filters work seamlessly, and users have options to Save the Views with the filters and sort criteria applied.

New Left Menu Items

June 2022 New Left Menu Items

New Left Menu items have been added providing users with more flexibility to switch between different screens easily. 

New Icons

June 2022 New Icons for Retain, Round Out and RenewNew icons have been introduced for the 5 Probability levels of Retain, Round Out, and Renew across DONNA.

Security Upgrades and Performance Improvements

We have upgraded our DONNA user Authentication Platform to its latest version for enhanced security and fixed performance issues users have been facing on multiple screens within DONNA.