Data Integration with CRUX

"How do I bring all of our different datasets together?"

Data Stream Based Integration

To improve the customer experience by leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning technologies requires data from real life events. Real-time data streams are required to capture data from:

  • Customers
  • Relationships
  • Transactions
  • Interactions

This just about always raises the question, "How do I bring all of our different datasets together? Our data is scattered across multiple enterprise systems with different data structures."

One approach to solving this problem is to standardize all relevant data in a data warehouse. While this approach works well for reporting purposes, traditional data warehouses make it difficult to capture all of this data for on an on-going basis. The better approach is to implement data stream based integration.

The Aureus whitepaper "Data Integration with CRUX," explains data stream based integration and the advantages this technique provides.

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