Join Chris Paradiso, Owner of Paradiso Insurance, Frank Sentner, Principal of Sentwood Consulting, and Ron Shroyer, VP of Sales from Aureus Analytics, as they discuss how sentiment and predictive analytics can be used to grow your agency.

What you’ll learn by attending this webinar:
  • What are sentiment and predictive analytics?
  • Examples of how your agency can implement sentiment analytics to predict future behaviors
  • How marketing can use sentiment analytics to get the right message out at the right time
  • How predictive analytics can help your agency determine what customers will be more profitable to your agency
  • How a “loyalty score” can help your agency determine who is going to stay with your agency and who is going to leave. This will help retention and renewal numbers increase, which will benefit your bottom line

Staying in touch with your customers has become more important than ever, especially with the changes we are all facing in our daily lives. Agencies need to work smarter, not harder to understand what their customers are experiencing and what challenges they may be facing. By doing so, your agency will continue to grow and separate yourself from those agencies that are not reaching out to their customers.

One of the main challenges for independent agencies continues to be finding new revenue opportunities within their existing customer base. Typically, account rounding is performed on an annual basis approximately 60 days before policy renewal.

In today’s world, if your agency doesn’t find the opportunities or “the diamonds in your backyard” that exist within your customer base, your competitors will.

By incorporating sentiment and predictive analytics with your existing customer data, your agency can develop a better understanding of your customers. This will result in improved relationships as a trusted advisor while writing better-qualified business for your carriers.

Sentiment analytics is used to measure customer sentiment.

Predictive analytics is used to understand customer behavior.

Both are needed to take the next best action proactively.

Using a “loyalty score,” Owners, Agents, Account Managers and CSR’s will know the right point in time to start discussions with customers to expand relationships. Marketing can monitor and determine the best time to promote specific offerings to the different segments of your agencies’ book of business.

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Webinar Speakers

Chris Paradiso

Owner, Paradiso Insurance

Chris Paradiso is one of the most passionate and dynamic agency owners in the insurance industry today. His passion for digital marketing, a strong drive to improve efficiency, and his unwavering dedication to exemplary customer service has led Christopher to build and grow his own agency. His clear vision has helped direct other insurance agencies to push the envelope and find their own success as well.

Frank Sentner

Principal, Sentwood Consulting

Frank has been providing technology solutions to the insurance industry for 44 years. His consulting practice is focused on improving the business processes of insurers, insurance brokerage firms, and insurance technology solution providers.

Ron Shroyer

Vice President of Sales, Aureus Analytics

Ron has over 13 years experience in business development, sales and account management in technology and professional services. Ron's past experiences include being a part of the RiskMatch team that was acquired by Vertafore in 2017, Huntington Insurance, ADP and HSBC.