Many times agents can be blind-sided by issues that have been brewing with customers over a short or long period of time. When an issue is surfaced by the customer as opposed to being proactively addressed by an agent, everyone is now in catch-up mode that can be detrimental to the customer experience.

Join Jackie Vergne and Kurt Thoennessen from Ericson Insurance Advisors to learn how Sentiment Analytics can help your organization pro-actively identify issues so they can be resolved to improve the customer experience of your policyholders.

You'll learn:

  • What are some typical "sore spots" that agents are typically reacting to and how sentiment analytics can help avoid these scenarios?
  • What can be the consequences of an agent reacting to an issue?
  • How implicit data you already have can help your organization have an understanding of how your policyholders are feeling - without the need to asking them directly

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Jackie Vergne

Director, Customer Success

Jackie is a senior operations executive with over 20 years of experience in global multi-line property and casualty insurance companies.

She has made significant contributions by strengthening the financial, competitive, operational, and client service performance of insurance businesses.

In her previous roles, Jackie held various operations and underwriting positions with Franklin Mutual Insurance, Swyfft, Duck Creek Technologies, Chubb, Selective Insurance, Fireman’s Fund, and State Farm.

Kurt Thoennessen

Vice President, Ericson Insurance Advisors

Kurt has been assisting high net worth families and their advisors to properly protect wealth for over 12 years with Ericson Insurance Advisors and is also CEO of RiskRevu, LLC.

Kurt holds the Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI) designation from Chubb and the Wharton school. He teaches personal risk management to other insurance professionals as part of the Private Risk Management Association’s professional certification course.

Kurt was also awarded the Joanne Heltibridle Award for Professional Excellence and named Power Broker in the Private Client category of Risk & Insurance magazine’s Power Broker awards.

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