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Engineer Customer Experience


Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Candidate will be stationed at a client location with multiple clients across Mumbai
  • Experience in product management, marketing, underwriting, project and portfolio management
  • Support trouble-shooting client data and uploading.
  • Evaluate client data using apt hardware and software platform based on given configuration.
  • Minor bug fixes and customizations to scripts and software
  • Implement best programming practices in software engineering.
  • Assist in support hours of operation and off hour production emergencies.
  • Identify solutions to fix problems.
  • Fetch and upload data files on server.
  • Good to have knowledge of SQL, OOPS, shell scripting
  • Administration of Linux VMs on the cloud
  • Network and firewall management on cloud services like Azure
  • User access management on OS, SSH, SFTP
  • Manage and archive logs from OS, Hadoop, MySQL and application
  • Housekeeping activities on disks, Hadoop environment and custom application
  • Monitoring the servers for availability with maximum uptime and minimum outage
  • Providing stable Linux facility for the customer without outage in long or short term administrating & monitoring Linux instances and troubleshooting.

Good to Have:

  • Linux Server hardening
  • Cloud infra management
  • Strong technical attitude and ability to research and solve complex issues independently


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