Asking customers for their opinion is one thing, but acting on that feedback is quite another.

Customer loyalty analytics helps build a strong listening organization around the customer.


No matter which customer satisfaction and/or loyalty framework you use, unless its feedback is acted upon, any framework or methodology will be of little use. Net Promoter Score, Voice of Customer, and Customer Satisfaction surveys all reach out to customers to understand their perception of the brand. But most of the time, the feedback is collected as just one more thing to talk about and doesn't become part of the operational execution.

Aureus Net PromoterFaster customer action using customer loyalty analytics

In a typical survey process, insurers usually have an agency or an in-house team to administer the survey. These teams are also responsible for the collation and creation of reports. Another resource is then responsible for the analysis of each response and developing close looping plans.

This entire process can take about 8-12 weeks, during which time customers have no clue about the actionability on their feedback. Customer loyalty analytics can help cut down this response time and help users focus on business action rather than data management.



PULSE is the ultimate customer loyalty analytics tool

PULSE is a smart customer loyalty analytics tool which works for Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction frameworks. It delivers actionable insights in plain English based on the survey data.

By using a combination of deep text analytics and natural language processing techniques, PULSE can evaluate free-form customer feedback for context and sentiment, and build critical insights around it. By integrating survey data with interaction data, PULSE powers more comprehensive and actionable insights and cuts down the analysis time by nearly 80%.

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