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Aureus Announces Significant Enhancements to CRUX


CRUX Logo 9-19-18

On September 24th at the ITC 2019 conference, we announced the addition of exciting new functionality to CRUX along with several new enhancements.

Click on the link below to read the press release:

Aureus Analytics Announces Significant Enhancements to CRUX

Aureus Analytics Las Vegas Restaurant Guide for ITC 2019

Our restaurant guide will provide you with a unique insight into ten of the best restaurants close to the MGM Grand Hotel.

Click on the guide to download your free copy.

Aureus @ ACORD Connect

Oct. 29th - 30th | Boston

ACORD Connect 2018

CEO and Co-Founder Anurag Shah will participate in the InsurTech Panel on Tuesday, October 29th at 3:00 pm.

The InsurTech Panel will explore the present and future state of digital engagement throughout the insurance value chain.

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Measuring CX in the Experience Economy

CX = Explicit + Implicit Feedback

Measuring customer experience has traditionally been achieved by asking customers for explicit feedback, that is collected from online or telephonic surveys. 

For organizations to truly measure and understand the CX of their customers, in addition to such feedback, it is critical to understand the feedback of customers who did not participate in such surveys.  

Aureus provides insurance industry solutions hosted on an AI platform that combines both explicit and implicit data to measure the CX for all of your customers in real time to determine their "Sentimeter" score. 

Learn more about how the Aureus Sentimeter score is used to increase retention, improve cross-selling opportunities, and predict customer behavior.


Insurance Industry Solutions

  • Retention

    Customer retention is a direct reflection of loyalty and customer experience.

  • Cross-Sell & Upsell

    Cross-sell analytics to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time.

  • Household Analytics

    Understand the portfolio dynamics at a household level instead of just the individual level.

  • Claims Analytics

    Develop better customer risk profiles to improve settlement times.

  • Fraud Analytics

    Counter insurance fraud by predicting fraud before it happens.

Market Segments

Aureus Analytics P&C Solutions


Our P&C solutions have been developed for personal lines insurance carriers, MGAs, and brokers.

Aureus Analytics Life Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance

Aureus solutions for life insurers have been deployed in production by some of the largest global insurers.

Globally, insurers lose about 18-20% of their customers annually. That is billions of dollars in lost business.

  • Aegon Life
  • Allianz
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  • dhfl
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  • Tata AIA Life Logo
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Customer Experience Analytics

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crux transparent

CRUX is an artificial intelligence and machine learning customer experience platform that enables meaningful conversations by analyzing and visualizing the journey of every single consumer to measure customer sentiment, understand the customer better, predict behavior and deliver insights and nudge messages in real time.

Today customers reach out via various channels and make decisions instantly. CRUX is designed to provide insights across all these interaction channels.

CRUX helps insurers bridge the experience divide one conversation at a time.

As an Insurance Carrier, MGA or a large broker, CRUX is the only analytics platform you will ever need.

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Conversations Enabled


Predictions Delivered


Aureus in Insurtech

Aureus has been an active participant in several Insurtech events including the Plug and Play Insurtech program and most recently the Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator program powered by www.Startupbootcamp.org.

Listen to the feedback from a customer experience executive that recently participated in an Insurtech program with Aureus.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers are some of the best known players in their industry

"PULSE helped us improve our Net Promoter Score by 40 points thus leading to an improved overall Customer Experience."

Manish Madan

Head Customer Service

“Aureus has been paramount in providing us with an instant solution to our predictive model using artificial intelligence/ machine learning on mortality experience. In-depth analysis from Aureus has not only helped us in proactively identifying fraudulent cases but also led to a large sum of cost avoidance in terms of claims payout. Aureus is surely the one to look out for when it comes to predictive modeling and Analytics”

Nirmal Paul

Head - Fraud Prevention Unit

"Aureus’ platform helps us in creating an important analytics asset – “HouseHold Id” which benefited us in our persistency management, surrender retention & fraud control programs. It also played a key role in helping us develop lapse block propensity models."

Siddharth Sinharay

Senior Vice President – Online Sales & Digital Strategy

“Sentiment Analytics” is an Aureus statistical/distribution model which helped us to understand the true sentiment of any customer which further helped us to deliver the output of predictive analytics models.

Aureus has given us unambiguous insights into the customer's history and sentiment which led to an increase in overall customer experience and also helped us in improving the Persistency / Retention.

They provide us the data points, with projections, as and when we need it. We have drifted beyond simple management information generation and moved into the depths of business intelligence and analytics.

Kavita Jain

Vice President - Head Renewals at DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance

"Aureus Analytics' analytics platform has been deployed (by Tata AIA Life Insurance) for our risk assessment program. The Machine Learning platform is deployed for a variety of use cases on a real-time basis.

These have helped Tata AIA take decisions and prioritize further course of action. This has helped us to manage & mitigate risk proactively & efficiently."

Amit Singh

Head - Risk Control Unit (Operations)

"Aureus Analytics has been a true partner in achieving our retention goals. Their solutions have a direct and meaningful impact on the business and helped us increase revenue by $10M just by improving retention by 1% point."

Large National Insurer

Chief Operating Officer

"We have seen about a 20% improvement in our NPS with the introduction of PULSE into our ecosystem. PULSE not only gives us more time to analyze customer feedback and implement close looping actionable quickly, it also helps in an easier dissection of the data to seek out finer customer sentiments."

Life Insurance Carrier

Head Customer Services

"The claim fraud prediction the Aureus solution provides us allows our investigators to focus on top 10% of early claims for investigation and is able to identify 80% of all fraud cases."

Large National Insurer


"Thanks to Aureus we have been able to leverage a huge amount of unstructured data from across different business lines in order to build a single customer view. This has helped us to know our customers better, understand their sentiment and recommend better products.”

Apaar Kasliwal

Executive Director

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