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Artificial Intelligence powered insurance analytics solutions designed for business users

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Key Product Features

As a SaaS solution, CRUX can be implemented in a matter of weeks in your environment.

 Aureus cloud-based deployment

Cloud-based Deployment

Geography-specific state of the art data security and private cloud hosting options from AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Aureus Analytics API based integrations

API Based Integrations

Measure and track what's relevant to your business and customer using structured and unstructured data from internal and external data sources.

Aureus Analytics Real Time Decisioning


CRUX brings all your customer interaction data including payments, policy changes and claims into one place in real time.

Aureus Analytics Platform
Aureus Analytics Platform
Aureus Analytics Platform

Aureus Analytics integration

Easy Integration

Crux offers a wide array of enterprise system integration to ensure you don't lose a single customer data point.

Aureus Analytics configuration


CRUX is a dynamic platform that can be configured to work within your existing systems.



Aureus Analytics big data

Big Data Ready

By leveraging the power of Hadoop and R, CRUX is designed to work with data sets of any size and type.


Technology that powers rapid analytics at the point of decision


Know Your Customers

  • Understand your customer's journey, sentiment, and experience across all channels
  • Leverage natural language processing to analyze structured and unstructured data from a variety of internal and external data sources
  • Discover trends and patterns of behavior for each individual policyholder and across specific segments


Predict Behavior

  • Leverage machine learning to predict your customer's behavior
  • Obtain a deep analysis of NPS data to know what your customers are experiencing
  • Identify various patterns to predict the propensity of retention, cross-sell, upsell, and claims.


Consume Insights in Real-Time

  • Insights can be easily consumed by business users without needing any specialized data science skills
  • Leverage natural language generation to consume insights in simple business language
  • API based access to consume insights from your existing application in their native format

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to predictive analytics capabilities, CRUX is designed with Natural Language Generation and Machine Learning AI that enables business users to easily consume output.

The Customer Journey

Aureus Analytics Customer Journey

Improving customer experience starts with understanding the journey your customers have experienced. CRUX will not only tell you where they have been but more importantly where they are going.

Sentiment Analytics

Aureus Sentimeter score

The Aureus SentiMeter® score measured on a scale of 0 - 100 is a real-time calculation of an individual customer that can be filtered by multiple variables. The SentiMeter™ score is determined by all customer inaction touch points including recent survey or NPS scores.

Natural Language Processing

Aureus Analytics Natural Language Processing

CRUX uses NLP to process free text data from any dataset to find hard to identify insights and patterns.

Machine Learning

Aureus Analytics Machine Learning

Starting with your historical policy, claims, survey, and CRM data, CRUX will learn what the trends of your customers are across different models to meet your needs

Predictive Analytics

Aureus Analytics Predictive Analytics

CRUX is a completely customizable predictive analytics platform that can meet your organization's unique analytics requirements.

Natural Language Generation

Aureus Analytics Natural Language Generation

The natural language generation capabilities of CRUX are what makes it possible for business users to easily consume the sentiment analytics of your customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CRUX a cloud-based solution?

Yes, CRUX is a SaaS-based model with a subscription-based pricing model.

How much data do I need for accurate predictions?

We recommend 2 - 3 years of historical data and have used as little as one years worth of data.

How does CRUX ensure data security and privacy?

The data on Pulse is secured using state of the art cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. All Pulse customers benefit from the network architecture and data center redundancies built in. As our customer, you will have complete ownership and control of your data at all times. Aureus is also responsible for implementing strong logical and physical measures for ensuring data privacy and security.

Please refer to the Microsoft Azure documentation for more details on data security and privacy, here.

Does Aureus provide a survey platform?

No, we have focused our efforts on developing AI capabilities to help organizations improve their NPS regardless of the survey tool used.

Does CRUX have systems integration capabilities with CRM platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics?

Our core platform is fully API driven and can integrate with almost API based systems including CRMs. We have successfully implemented the same for other customers and would be happy to do the same for you.


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