Unlocking the Revenue Potential in Your Book of Business

Leveraging AI and Data to bring your agency to the next level

Matt Naimoli G&N Insurance
Ryan Hanley Rogue Risk
Ron Shroyer Aureus Analytics

Get the Most Out of Your Data

If you're like most agencies, you may be exploring ways to bring your agency to the "next-level" in terms of growth and profitability. Your agency may also be facing the challenge of finding the time to identify growth opportunities.

What if your agency could identify who your most valuable clients are, enabling you to protect and replicate them to generate new business? This is where the combination of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help.

Join us as Matt Naimoli, Co-Founder of G&N Insurance, and Ryan Hanley, Founder of Rogue Risk, share how they have leveraged data to grow their agencies, the role data plays in the next evolution of business, and its impact on the Independent Agency channel.

In the webinar, we will discuss how data can be used to:

  • Identify specific opportunities for new revenue within an agent's book of business that are most likely to convert
  • Proactively protect and defend your most valuable clients by leveraging real-time information to increase retention and revenue
  • Develop new business generation strategies to replicate the most valuable portions of your book of business
  • Create a differentiated and tailored client experience that cements your relationship and increases lifetime value to your business

Access the recording of this webinar held on January 19, 2021 to hear how two agencies combine the power of data and AI to generate additional revenue, lower operational costs, and enhance client experience to build "next-level" agencies.