DONNA provides out-of-the-box solutions focused on addressing the top concerns of independent agencies.

Aureus | Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Measure and improve policyholder experience.

Aureus | Account Rounding

Account Rounding

Drive additional revenue by proactive alerts on potential account rounding opportunities.

Aureus | Increase Retention

Increase Retention

Increase customer retention by 1% - 3% or more!

Aureus | Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Build a loyal customer base who considers your agency as a trusted advisor.

Aureus | Household Analytics

Household Analytics (Coming Soon)

Know not just your customers but also their households.

Improve Customer Experience

The insurance industry suffers from the perception of poor customer experience. DONNA has several features that enable you to measure and improve the customer experience on an on-going basis.

Customer experience
Account Rounding

Account Rounding

Acquiring new customers is very difficult and expensive. It's a lot easier to increase revenue from an existing customer. DONNA can help you identify these opportunities and alert you to act on them at the right time and with the optimal offerings.

Increase Retention

As acquiring new customers gets harder, it is more important than ever to retain your existing customers. DONNA helps you in predicting customers who are likely to churn well in advance, thereby enabling you to take proactive actions to reduce the churn. Money saved is money earned!

Customer Retention
increase customer loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Don’t just retain customers but build a loyal customer base. These customers will consider you as a “trusted adviser” and therefore stay longer, increase their spend with your agency and also recommend your agency to others. DONNA can help you become a trusted adviser that you have always wanted to be!

Household Analytics

(Coming Soon)

Knowing the customer is important, but sometimes not enough. DONNA can help in identifying customers and their households so that you can engage with them better and offer solutions that meet their real needs.

Household analytics

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