What 60 Million Policyholders Taught Us About Customer Relationship

Anurag Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics has been studying how customers feel about their insurance providers. First with carriers around the globe, and most recently with independent insurance agencies. After processing management system and interaction data across more than 60 million policyholders, Anurag has crafted a way to measure customer loyalty en masse and down to the individual level. Listen in as he talks with Michael Jans at Agency Revolution.

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Ron Shroyer Explains How To Rule The World With Data (and DONNA)

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Ron Shroyer, VP of Sales at Aureus Analytics. Ron joins the podcast for a deep dive into data, DONNA, and why those who can harness data will rule the (insurance) world.

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Elevating The Insurance Experience With Aureus Analytics

Customer retention is a major issue for insurance companies, as is insurance fraud, and figuring out how to separate the good customers from the bad is worth billions. That is where Aureus Analytics comes in, using predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver insights to help insurers maximize customer lifetime value while providing a better customer experience. In this episode, Ojala Naeem at CTNext sits with our CEO and Co-Founder Anurag Shah to discuss how he is helping reshape the insurance customer experience.

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What You Don’t Know Will Cost You Millions

Ron Shroyer believes in helping agencies adopt better ways to manage and grow their business. Mike Stromsoe, President at Stromsoe Insurance Agency, has been in conversation with Ron about what his company's newest product, DONNA, an artificial intelligence and data analytics platform does for independent agencies. 

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Ron Shroyer - Who Is DONNA, And Why Is She So Important To My Agency?

Ron talks with Heath Shearan, the Mayor of Insurance Town about Aureus Analytics and how they are changing the game for so many agencies. He shares with us the story of Donna, and how she got her name, and how this product is revolutionizing the customer experience from the inside out.

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