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What is SentiMeter®?

SentiMeter®, one of the key features of DONNA, is a simple, non-intrusive, and real-time metric that scores your client's experience on a scale of 0 - 100.

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How Does SentiMeter® Work?

SentiMeter® uses AI technology on your data to measure the experience of your clients in real-time, providing insights that drive significant business growth.

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What Can SentiMeter® Do For My Agency?

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Generate New Revenue

Easily uncover new business opportunities within your current book and offer the right products, to the right clients when they are most likely to purchase them.

Increase Retention

Easily identify dissatisfied clients, before they leave and proactively retain them using our renewal prediction system.

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Improve Client Experience

Transform your client experience by proactively tracking and analyzing how your clients feel and what they want in real-time across your agency.

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"A SentiMeter® score is generated for ALL of your customers, not just the 8 - 10% that respond to a customer satisfaction survey."

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