Extending Your HawkSoft CMS with DONNA

Leverage your data that exists in HawkSoft to improve data analytics and the customer experience

Get the Most Out of Your Data

In this webinar, we discuss with John Crawley, owner of JCA Insurance Services, how his agency was able to quickly integrate his HawkSoft data with DONNA and what the results have been for his agency.

Hear firsthand how his agency was able to immediately identify and act on new opportunities using the data that already existed in HawkSoft.

HawkSoft Marketing and Business Development Coordinator Kenny Hendricks will explain the API partnership with Aureus Analytics, and what is involved to integrate with DONNA.

Key takeaways:

  • How your agency can become more productive by identifying cross-sell, upsell, and policy review actions in less time
  • What your agency can accomplish by extending the data analytics capabilities of HawkSoft
  • How to improve the customer experience with increased agency insight
  • How easily HawkSoft integrates with DONNA

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