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Aureus Analytics Announces Partnership with Premier Strategy Box

Premier Strategy Box

West Hartford, CT | June 28, 2022

Aureus Analyticsa global artificial intelligence technology company that provides customer experience solutions to the insurance industry, announced that Premier Strategy Box has selected DONNA for its network of agencies.

"As a RevOps Consulting Firm, having precise Data Analytics helps us make Revenue Generating decisions for our clients. I can say without a doubt, and with the data to prove it, our clients that utilize DONNA outgrow and outperform their peers by 73%! DONNA's insights allow us to truly engineer and implement the most AMAZING RevOps Strategies for our clients. I am proud to partner with Aureus Analytics to help my clients grow their businesses in the most efficient way possible,” said Mick Hunt, President and CEO of Premier Strategy Box.

DONNA is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform for Independent Agents & Brokers. DONNA helps Independent Agents make more money from their existing book of business.

The platform leverages machine learning to measure customer experience during the customer journey and predict future outcomes.

"Premier Strategy Box is one of the most unique consulting companies that is focused on leveraging data to drive significant business, operational and economic value to Independent Insurance Agencies. We are very excited to partner with Mick Hunt and his team in their journey and enabling them to leverage the capabilities of DONNA to help them in their mission," said Anurag Shah, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics.

Since the launch of DONNA, the platform has processed nearly $2B of premium. Within just a few months of adopting DONNA, agencies have seen significant business gains like an increase in Written Premium by 15.13%, Average Policies per customer by 3.5% & Average Premium per Customer by +7.76%.

About Premier Strategy Box

Premier Strategy Box is a RevOps-focused consulting firm committed to supercharging your company's revenue potential through cutting-edge alignment strategies that offer nothing but extraordinary growth.

The story of Premier Strategy Box started with Mick Hunt, who started an Insurance Agency from scratch and grew its revenue to $3.2 Million in just 3 years. Right after starting his agency, Mick realized that a lack of cooperation among his business's marketing, sales, and operations departments was taking a heavy toll on his company's growth. Similarly, he also had to face the challenges of accountability as there was no system in place to oversee the workers' performance.

These multi-dimensional challenges compelled Mick to develop a coherent strategy –the kind of strategy that could target all the problems at their roots. So, he delved deeper into his company's operations and, after conducting an in-depth analysis of all the processes, came up with a comprehensive plan that improved the collaboration among various departments, drove full-funnel accountability, and improved customer retention, all while making his company an unbeatable force in the market. For Mick, revolutionizing his company's processes was as much about effective KPIs and top-tier RevOps processes as it was about technical know-how.

Motivated by his remarkable success, Mick decided to launch a platform where he could share his knowledge and help other companies in their revenue generation endeavors. So, it was his unwavering desire to turbocharge other businesses' profits through RevOps solutions, coupled with his unmatched understanding of SalesOps processes, which finally resulted in the formation of Premier Strategy Box. It's a firm where your business dreams are transformed into reality.

About Aureus Analytics

Founded in 2013 with operations in the United States and India, Aureus is the customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurers to deliver superior customer experience leading to higher customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. The platform has processed more than 60 million insurance policy data points from customers globally. For more information, visit


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