Supercharge Your Agency Growth with DONNA

Leverage your data that exists in NowCerts to improve data analytics and the customer experience

Get the Most Out of Your NowCerts Data!

Learn how DONNA, an AI and data analytics platform explicitly designed to help independent agents easily offer the right products to the right clients at the best time.

Fill out the form to hear Senior Consultant Customer Success and subject matter expert Meredith Messenger share how DONNA can integrate with your NowCerts data to increase revenue for your agency.

DONNA does this by using the customer data you have today in your NowCerts AMS, other internal systems, and 3rd party external data sources.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How the DONNA platform works with examples using internal and external data
  • An overview of the SentiMeter® Score, one of the key features of DONNA
  • A demonstration of three ways DONNA can quickly and easily help you increase your agency's revenue
  • How easily HawkSoft integrates with DONNA

Fill out the form to access this on-demand webinar recorded on June 24, 2021.