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DONNA & Catalyit Partnership

"DONNA is an advanced tool designed to provide independent insurance agencies with powerful data insights. Using DONNA's capabilities, agencies can make better decisions and improve client relationships. This partnership highlights Catalyit's dedication to fostering innovation within the independent insurance system, making sure that every independent agent has access to the latest technological advancements." 

Steve Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder, Catalyit

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The Data Detective
The Data Detectives: Uncovering Hidden Insights from Renewal Data
It's a challenging time for the insurance industry. Both insurance agencies and their clients are feeling the squeeze of a "hard market" with skyrocketing renewal rates. To survive and thrive, independent agencies must adapt and innovate. Data analysis helps independent insurance agencies lead in renewals:
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Our Customers

Paradiso Financial and Insurance Services
Telamon and Amplified Insurance
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Jack Hertvik owner Hertvik Insurance Group
Mick Hunt - Premier Strategy Box
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Improve Customer Experience
Improve Policyholder Experience
Improve Policyholder Experience

Use the SentiMeter® score to understand your customer's sentiment in real-time, take proactive actions to increase customer loyalty.

Increase Cross sell Opportunities
Increase Cross-sell Opportunities

Predictive models help to identify optimal cross-sell opportunities.

Increased Retention
Increase Retention by 1% - 3%

Identify customers who are likely to churn. Increase retention by taking proactive action.


DONNA is designed specifically for independent agencies featuring:

  • An easy to learn user interface
  • Data security
  • Integration with industry standard systems

Your agency can be up and running in just a few minutes.


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DONNA provides out-of-the-box solutions focused on addressing the top concerns of independent agencies:

  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-selling
  • Becoming a trusted advisor for every single policyholder

All of the solutions DONNA provides use the customer data you already possess in your AMS, CRM, and other systems.

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