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Who We Are

DONNA is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform for Independent Agencies.

Our mission is to enable independent agencies to leverage vast data sets that they already own in order to deliver a superior customer experience to their policyholders.

DONNA is an example of how expensive and complex artificial intelligence technology, previously only accessible to large players in the insurance industry, is now available to agencies of all sizes.

DONNA is integrated with leading Agency Management Systems thereby eliminating the need for complex IT integration to get started.

With DONNA you can:

  1. Improve Customer Experience
  2. Improve Customer Loyalty
  3. Increase Cross-Sell & Account Rounding Opportunities
  4. Increase Retention by 1%-3%

Key Features of DONNA include:

  1. Customer One View
  2. SentiMeter®
  3. Real-time Predictions
  4. External Data Enrichment
  5. Industry Benchmarking

DONNA is powered by Aureus Analytics. Aureus was founded in 2013 with operations in the United States and India.

Aureus is the customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurers to deliver superior customer experience leading to higher customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. The AI platform has processed more than 60 million insurance policy data points from customers globally.

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