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DONNAKnows Powered by OpenAI
Introducing: DONNAKnows (Beta), Powered by OpenAI
Dr. Nilesh Karnik, Chief Data Scientist, shares his thoughts on DONNAKnows.
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Improve Customer Experience
Improve Policyholder Experience
Improve Policyholder Experience

Use the SentiMeter® score to understand your customer's sentiment in real-time, take proactive actions to increase customer loyalty.

Increase Cross sell Opportunities
Increase Cross-sell Opportunities

Predictive models help to identify optimal cross-sell opportunities.

Increased Retention
Increase Retention by 1% - 3%

Identify customers who are likely to churn. Increase retention by taking proactive action.


DONNA is designed specifically for independent agencies featuring:

  • An easy to learn user interface
  • Data security
  • Integration with industry standard systems

Your agency can be up and running in just a few minutes.


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DONNA provides out-of-the-box solutions focused on addressing the top concerns of independent agencies:

  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-selling
  • Becoming a trusted advisor for every single policyholder

All of the solutions DONNA provides use the customer data you already possess in your AMS, CRM, and other systems.

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