Aureus Analytics Announces the Inaugural Issue in India of Aureus Insights

Aureus Insights
A yearbook series led by the Indian insurance industry leaders.

Mumbai, India | February 25, 2021

Aureus Analytics, a global artificial intelligence technology company that provides customer experience solutions to the insurance industry, is pleased to announce its first edition of the yearbook series, giving a sneak peek into the future of insurance.

Through the yearbook launch edition, Aureus wanted to bring together varied experiences on India's tech-enabled insurance ecosystem's advent and the way ahead.

Aureus Insights Yearbook features insightful views from industry visionaries and thought leaders from across the insurance value chain. While the COVID-19 pandemic posed unique challenges, it also opened doors to opportunities, and the Aureus yearbook 2021 edition envisions that paradigm shift in the insurance ecosystem. It aims to nurture young leaders with thought-provoking ideas to evolve their company's digital capabilities, said Ashish Tanna, Chief Operation Officer and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics.

"At Aureus, our true passion lies at the intersection of Insurance, Technology & Data. Aureus Insights 2021 is our first attempt to create a common ground for everyone to dream together and share the vision of what the future might hold for us," said Anurag Shah, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics.

"The path ahead clearly lies in developing new technology and leveraging existing technological advancements to find solutions." Aureus Insights attempts to provide insights to design a digital transformation roadmap, said Nitin Purohit, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics.

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