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Optimizing Cross-Selling Opportunities with Existing Customers

Our client wanted to enhance its existing customer revenue growth by cross-selling targeted audiences with relevant product categories.

Targeted Upselling to Increase Conversion Rates

This client sought effective upselling opportunities with its existing customer base.

SentiMeter® for Personalized Customer Engagement

This client was looking to provide better customer-focused service by having one single view of the customer's journey.

AI for Early Detection of Fraud at Policy Proposal

This client wanted to use predictive analytics at the time of policy proposal submission to identify the likelihood of an early life claim.

Improve Agent Productivity with AI-Powered Analytics

Our client wanted to know which of their agents would likely generate a new policy in the near future, as well as improve their agent's productivity.

Identify Cross-sell Opportunities Using Customer Predictive Analytics

Enhance revenue growth opportunities with existing customers through effective cross-selling.

Using SentiMeter® to Improve Customer Experience

In this case study our client was struggling to centralize their data across the enterprise to enable a complete view of the sentiment of every single customer.

Aegon Life

Aureus Analytics implemented PULSE to help Aegon Life improve their overall NPS process.

Enhance Customer Contactability with Household Analytics

Learn how CRUX was implemented to create a unique customer identity for each policyholder within a household to improve contactability.

Claims Fraud

Learn how Aureus implemented predictive analytics to help predict the probability of a claim being fraudulent.

Improvement in Persistency Score for Large Insurer

Learn how CRUX improved the persistence score for a mid-sized life insurer by 2 - 3%. 

Net Promoter Score Improvement Across Customer Journey

The key challenge for Tata AIA Life was to bring together all customer feedback and reduce the time required to analyze NPS feedback.

Life Claims Fraud and Cross-Sell

This client had been suffering from claims fraud which has impacted their revenues. Additionally, they wanted to make cross-selling more accurate and effective.

Improve Lapse Revival Rate

Aureus helped this insurer make accurate predictions to target the potential lapsed policy base.

Revival Model for Mid-sized Insurer

This client was trying to reinstate customers whose policy renewals had lapsed.

Making Cross-Sell Effective for a Leading Insurance Broker

Aureus helped this major insurer develop a better cross-sell model.


Persistency Improvement for Large Life Insurance Company

Aureus helped this insurance carrier improve their persistency score.

Intelligent Data Analysis to Detect Early Claims

This client needed help identifying policies that may lead to an early claim.

Recommending the Right Product to the Right Prospects

It was crucial for this insurer to have an accurate understanding of their customers' needs.

Reducing Claims Frequency for a Large Insurer

This client needed help identifying early life claims.

Improving Agent On-boarding Using Machine Learning

This client increased their efficiency by improving the percentage of successful agent candidates.

Using Intelligent Scoring to Improve Underwriting Efficiency

Our client was looking for a way to improve the underwriting decision process and evaluation of proposals.

Mitigate Surrender Risk for Life Insurance

This client needed an early warning on future surrenders of Life claims.

Claims and Fraud Analytics Using CRUX

Learn how CRUX can predict fraudulent claims.

Retention Analytics Using CRUX

Policyholder or customer retention is a direct reflection of loyalty and customer experience.

Using Household Analytics to Understand Portfolio Dynamics

See how household analytics can help you understand the portfolio dynamics at the household level.



Improving Customer Experience Using Household Analytics

Join Jackie Vergne and Frank Sentner of Sentwood Consulting for a discussion on how Household Analytics can be leveraged by insurers to optimize retention and cross-sell.

Transforming the Customer Journey with an AI-Enabled Customer One View

Learn how an AI-enabled single view of the customer can help insurers understand how customers are feeling today to predict the next best action.

How Data Enrichment Can Improve the Accuracy and Insights of Household Analytics

Join Jackie Vergne and Steve Mateer from Pitney Bowes to learn how data enrichment can further extend the capabilities of household analytics for insurers, agents, and brokers. 

The Life Cycle of a Predictive Model

Join Aureus Analytic's Dr. Nilesh Karnik and Jackie Vergne as they review a customer case study where the life cycle of two predictive models were developed for improving policyholder retention.

How Data Sharing Can Remove the Friction of Adopting New Technologies

Join Mark Stender, President of Intellagents and Jackie Vergne from Aureus Analytics, as they discuss how, when done correctly, data sharing can be an enabler as opposed to an inhibitor for evaluating and adopting new cloud-based technologies and solutions.

Understanding SentiMeter®

Understanding the sentiment of your customer is not always easy. Customer surveys can provide only so much information. You need to collect implicit feedback as well as explicit feedback. Aureus Analytic's SentiMeter® can help you do this.

Data Integration with CRUX

Learn how data stream-based integration can easily bring all of your different datasets together.

Four Stages of Predictive Modeling and How Business Aspects Influence Them

Learn about some of the business factors that influence
the main stages of model development.

AI Masterclass

View this Masterclass in which Dr. Nilesh Karnik will explore the applications of artificial intelligence for the non-technical business user. Upon laying the foundation, Dr. Karnik will focus on examples of actual implementations of AI applications that are in production today, followed by best practices for developing and maintaining practical applications in the insurance industry.

Insurtech Leadership Talk Series

Dr. Nilesh Karnik shares his thoughts on the use of Artificial Intelligence in regaining personal touch in the Insurance industry. We are grateful to India Insurtech Association and Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) for such initiatives and for inviting us to this session.

Insurtech Podcast

In this podcast, Neeraja Valdya, AI & Machine Learning Expert, discusses how advancements in technology, insurance companies today have huge amounts of data in a variety of formats, such as videos, images, audio, and text. With the advances in AI and Artificial Neural Networks, this data can be fully leveraged to support companies in making quick, informed decisions.

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