Extending Your HawkSoft CMS with DONNA

Watch this webinar to learn how John Crowley, owner of JCA Insurance Services, was able to integrate his HawkSoft data with DONNA quickly and what the results have been for his agency.

Finding the Diamonds in Your Backyard

Join Chris Paradiso, Owner of Paradiso Insurance, Frank Sentner, Principal of Sentwood Consulting, and Ron Shroyer, VP of Sales from Aureus Analytics, as they discuss how sentiment and predictive analytics can be used to grow your agency.

Fraud Risk Mitigation in Life Insurance Using Predictive Analytics

Nirmal Paul, CACM, Head Fraud Prevention Unit at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Dr. Nilesh Karnik, Chief Data Scientist, and Jackie Vergne, Director of Customer Success from Aureus Analytics discuss how predictive analytics can be successfully implemented within a fraud mitigation process.

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