What is SentiMeter®?

SentiMeter®, one of the key features of DONNA, is a simple, non-intrusive, and real-time metric that scores your client's experience on a scale of 0 - 100.

How is SentiMeter® Used?

Do you want to know if your customer is happy or dissatisfied with your service? Customer sentiment is of utmost importance - it provides an overall understanding of how your customer feels. Sentiment analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate a score based upon various events across the customer's journey.

A SentiMeter® score is generated for ALL of your customers, not just the 8 - 10% that respond to a customer satisfaction survey.

The SentiMeter® score is generated by an advanced algorithm that factors customer interactions such as:

  • Policy Events - issue, lapse, revival/reinstatement, cancel/surrender/withdrawal
  • Transaction Events - payments, claims
  • Interaction Events - voice recordings, email, social posts, complaints, service requests

These customer interaction events are gathered from multiple sources that can be either structured or unstructured data.

Sentimeter score

What is structured and unstructured data?

Structured Data

Structured data is data that is stored in a spreadsheet or database. 

Structured Data

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is defined as data that has no predefined format. Claim diary notes and voice recordings are examples of unstructured data.

Unstructured Data

Why do we care about structured and unstructured data?

Hidden within both types of data lies the actual sentiment of an individual. SentiMeter® is able to take both structured and unstructured data such as voice recordings and social media posts and determine the sentiment of each individual policyholder.

Sentimeter image results

Sentiment analysis comes from structured and unstructured data, but the two main categories are implicit and explicit feedback.

How does it work?

Once implicit and explicit data is gathered, CRUX uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), and deep text analytics to bring out the nuances hidden in the text.

Sentimeter Process

SentiMeter® is a unique offering that is a patented and an industry first.

What Can You do With the SentiMeter® Score?

SentiMeter® in Action

  • Target unhappy customers - identify customers who are not happy and determine next steps

  • Identify account rounding and retention opportunities - determine cross-sell and upsell opportunities

  • Reach out to silent customers - silent doesn't always mean happy;  they may be at risk for non-renewal

  • Identify product opportunities - improve market campaigns & strategies

  • Track sentiment over time - track customer sentiment history, understand trends

  • Segment customers - combine sentiment score with demographics

SentiMeter® is your tool for understanding your customer's sentiment .

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